Select the right BIN SIZE for your need

The skip bin sizes are always expressed in cubic meters (m³). The following information should help as a guide to estimate the size of skip bin that you require.

It can be difficult to visualize the difference between various bin sizes, so we have put together the information below to help you to choose the right size bin for your requirements.

Handy tip: If you spend some time in putting the contents in the right way inside the bin, you can use the bins more effectively. For example, you need to cut the tree branches into smaller pieces; press the empty boxes to remove empty space and excess air from them, and so on.

Typical jobs and recommended Bin Size

Bathroom or Kitchen renovation:

For bathroom or kitchen, you will normally be going to dispose the cabinetry, old shower screen, curtain rods, some floor and wall tiles, possibly a bath tub and the packaging material like boxes. Most commonly used skip size for this job is a 3 cubic metre skip.

For a kitchen, the waste generally consists of cabinetry and old bench tops, possibly a stove or a dishwasher, floor tiles or wall tiles and packaging material. Most commonly used skip size for this job is 3 or 4 cubic metres.


Moving House

If you are moving houses and plan on throwing out any furniture or white goods, bikes or exercise equipment as well as general junk items, you will probably need a 4 to 6 cubic metre skip. If you are only throwing out general junk items, you will probably need about a 2.5 cubic metre skip.

Construction Project  

For a construction project such as building a house or a big shed, there is usually a lot of material that comes in and out to the project and you need to get rid of the waste material as fast as possible. We recommend a 6 cubic meter skip bin for these bigger jobs.